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Establishing trust and ensuring that customers have all the relevant life insurance information and projections at their fingertips is vital for insurance carriers in their efforts to constantly improve customer satisfaction. Offering an illustration solution that is flexible, accessible and facilitates straight-through processes goes a long way to increase customer satisfaction.

Our Solution

Sapiens IllustrationPro for Life & Annuities (formerly called StoneRiver Life Portraits) is a point-of-sale solution, offering responsive product illustrations from any location in an electronic environment, with internet and desktop support. ACORD®-compliant, it offers straight-through processing, from point-of-sale to application e-submission, supported by a needs analysis suite.

IllustrationPro explains complex products in a compelling way. Its powerful calculation engines handle the most complex product illustrations, including the appropriate historical and hypothetical references. Easy-to-use illustrations reflect goals and search for specific targets with desired premium flow criteria. The Multi-Channel Distribution Module enables carriers to serve multiple marketing segments with a single deployment. Agents have immediate access to the sales illustrations for their products and are guided through each case according to the organization’s established rules.

比特币BTCC交易网home Office Maintenance tools enable the 比特币BTCC交易网home office to edit, remove or replicate plans for faster changes. This enables the carrier to respond more quickly to opportunities, monitor the sales process and make improvements.

Business Benefits

  • Data collected during the illustration and presentation process is captured and reused, reducing the time to fill-out the application and the potential for error
  • Flexible, customizable system facilitates straight-through processing and enables quick responses to opportunities
  • Distribution channel maintenance enables the quick and easy set-up of new distribution channels, rapidly deploying new products and any number of unique channel combinations at low cost, and taking advantage of market opportunities as they arise
  • Remote system update quickly and efficiently gets new products into the hands of the salesforce and enables the deployment of final updates in a secure environment
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