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Outstanding Partnerships

As part of our constant quest to offer more to our customers and grow, Sapiens is proud to partner with innovative companies that help us expand and refine our offerings, scale up to meet even the largest and most daunting implementation challenges, and enter new markets and locales. Our partnerships are divided into three categories:

Ecosystem & Insuretech Partners

By constantly seeking out leading ecosystem and insuretech partners – such as Lightico, FRISS KOVRR and Life.io – Sapiens is able to provide our customers with innovative, cutting-edge technology.

Tech Partners

Sapiens has partnered with some of the world’s leading technology vendors – IBM, Microsoft and HP – to ensure that our solutions are easily implementable and fully compatible with all of our customers’ software and hardware platforms

System Integrators

We occasionally partner with system integrators – such as Atos, everis, Tech Mahindra and JMR Computer Service Solutions – in cases where it will benefit our customers and speed implementations.

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